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This TST_Cook handles 1-year-living-cookies containing up to 10 values, sorted and separated with comma (,)

The   insert VAL     button adds a new  val    into the existing cookie.
If  NO cookie of that  name , it creates a new cookie with the first  val   .
The     DELETE     button definitely removes the cookie with  name  written into "| set name =|"- box.
After your test is finished  please  DELETE  cookies you just made.
The    Get Cookie    button show just the  named  cookie's val's.    With   tst ON ?  
 the    Get Cookie    button  also show any other accessible cookies names and values.

  All buttons adds messages to you  after whatever into this sqare. That's the reason of the top-text in this sqare.

set name =  set VAL
 insert VAL (name (from above) , );
DELETE (name (from above));
Get Cookie 
(name (from above));